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We have put together this incredible Essentials Trio to bring you our top selling sauces and take away the guess-work of what to get and where to start on your Earthquake Journey!


The Essentials Trio comes with three 5 oz Hot Sauce Bottles:

Space Dust competed in a Worldwide competition, Old Boney Mountain Hot Summer Night Fest, as was dubed the third Best Mild Sauce in the world in 2022. This Brown Sugar/ Cinnamon hot sauce makes a fantastic marinade and beyond perfect binder! Pair this baby with BBQ Sauce for a spicy treat!

Andy's Original is the sauce that started it all! Andrew, our founder has made variations of this stellar everyday hot sauce for years before Earthquake Spices was born and this EPIC Sauce is now available with the best recipe YET! She begins with a roasted base of Carrot and red onion, paired with the tropical heat of habanero peppers and finished with a healthy dose of course ground black peppercorns. There is a reason she is our #1 Seller!

Death by Garlic- Roasted is an Earthquake Favorite and truly such a versatile sauce! This Baby Packs a punch with Habaneros and Jalapenos and is coupled with the smooth nutiness of roasted Garlic! 2023 International Flavor Award winner!