Meet the Team

Meet the “SPICE MASTER”:

Andrew Weick is the creative, spice-lover, behind it all. From a very young age Andrew was a true “heat-seeker” loving all things spicy and flavorful. He grew up to work in the restaurant industry where he started as a dishwasher, quickly became a line-cook, turned Kitchen Manager and eventually, General Manager. Andrew’s love of great food did not stop at work, he always found joy in cooking for friends, family, and his wife. Andrew loved creating new, unique hot sauces for his and his wife’s favorite foods which range from Asian and Thai Cuisine to Mediterranean dishes that his wife grew up on. After years of being URGED by Heather to take his sauces to market. Andrew worked diligently to bring you the Hot Sauce line-up that is here to shake up the world and will cater to ALL your favorite dishes, WORLDWIDE. In February, 2022 Earthquake Spices was BORN! From Dishwasher to Spice Master. Without Andrew, Earthquake Spices would be nowhere to be found!

Meet Heather:

Heather is the co-founder of Earthquake Spices, the motivation behind the man who started it all. Heather has a Marketing and Business Management background, affording her the skills needed to head our marketing and manage consumer relations. When you reach out to Earthquake, best believe you will be hearing from Heather. She is friendly and quirky with a skill set to back it all up! She can be met at most Earthquake Spices Events but if you miss her, no worries…. The guys will help you pick the PERFECT Sauce for you!

Meet Tom:

Tom is an integral and VERY moving part of the Earthquake team; he is not only a part of our event planning but SHOWS UP for our Marketing team, leading the crew in word-of-mouth traction and always sparking conversation with innovative ideas and prosperous tactical planning. With a true passion for flavor and a desire to make Earthquake Spices a household staple around America, Tom can not only be met at Earthquake events but also is very active “behind the scenes.”

From manufacturing to marketing, Tom is truly the Earthquake team’s “Jack of all trades”

Meet Mark:

Mark has been a part of our event team for just over a year now starting at his first event with Earthquake Spices in early 2023. Mark has acquired interpersonal communication skills through years in the service industry adding his exuberance and charm to an already SPICY team that seemed to be missing something until we brought Mark aboard. Be sure to keep an eye on the “Find Us” tab on the website to find where you can come meet Mark in person! He is not only passionate about Earthquake Spices as a brand, but elevates his daily meals with the product himself… speaking from experience, Mark is sure to help you find the right sauce for you!